Domain Registration & Web Hosting

Every website requires a domain name, it's like your address on the Internet. Most of the time it will be something like but it could be any word or phrase you like. I can register any available domain name on your behalf so that you become the legal owner of the name. Domain name registration prices vary but you can expect to pay only a few pounds a year.

Once a domain name has been secured you will need a web hosting package which is a service provided by a third party hosting provider and is paid annually. Hosting is often described as renting space on the Internet where your website can reside and people can come to visit. Basically, a hosting provider has a large number of computers known as servers which are constantly connected to the Internet. All the files, images and databases that make up your website are placed on one of these servers and your website is then accessible to the world.

Web hosting also offers the ability to create email addresses that utilise your domain name e.g Any number of email addresses can be created and these can be used with email clients such as Microsoft Outlook. A webmail service is also supplied which allows email to be checked from any computer using any browser.

Through my hosting partner I can offer a complete web hosting solution for any size of website at a discounted price. The hosting price varies depending on the complexity of the website and features required but start at only £79 per year.

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