E-commerce Webshops

An e-commerce solution, also known as a web shop, is a website for those looking to sell their products via an online shop.

Typically a web shop will consist of various product categories, product description pages, an online shopping basket and integration with a payment gateway.

You may only want to sell a handful of products on the other hand you may need a solution that can handle thousands. Either way I can produce a platform from the ground up or using existing e-commerce software that is tried and tested.

To accept credit card payments on your website you require a service called a payment gateway. There are a number of companies that supply this service and I can advise on which one is best for you. The most popular option tends to be PayPal thanks to it’s massive user base (currently 110 million).

I also offer training on any e-commerce solution that will allow you to update the website yourself and add, edit or delete products whenever you desire. Complete order and customer tracking is also available on most solutions.

Web shops designed by Essence benefit from:

Professional custom design

Unlike many web design companies I will never use predesigned templates for your web shop. Instead I design a completely custom solution that incorporates your existing branding and is designed specifically with your business in mind.

Shopping cart

Each web shop includes a shopping cart allowing customers to add multiple products, calculate postage and create user accounts.

From a single product to thousands

Scalable solutions that can handle anything from selling a single product to thousands of products.

Full customer/order tracking

I can provide solutions that make it easy to handle customer orders and the ability to track and inform customers of their current order status. In addition the solution can produce financial reports helping keep paperwork in order.


Your e-commerce website will be optimised to perform well in search engines and in addition have each individual product submitted to the Google shopping search.
Essence has designed web shops for businesses and individuals throughout Ayrshire and Scotland.

If you would like to learn more about how I could design a web shop for you to sell your products online contact me now.

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